In March 1947, a luncheon was arranged by Edith Norton-Harris, who explained to those in attendance the benefits of belonging to an insurance club. The exchange of information among the members would help everyone and the friendships that would be established would promote a general feeling of truly belonging to the growing industry of insurance.

The idea was enthusiastically received and the Insurance Women's Club of Honolulu was formed. The name was later changed to the Honolulu Association of Insurance Professionals, where membership was expanded to include both men and women who are professionals in the insurance industry.

Honolulu Association of Insurance Professionals, also known as “HAIP,” is a local association of the International Association of Insurance Professionals (“IAIP”).

HAIP serves its members by providing professional education, an environment in which to build business alliances, and the opportunity to make connections with people of differing career paths and levels of experience within the insurance industry. 

Membership is open to all professionals in the insurance and risk management industries, who strive for and practice professionalism, regardless of their career level.

We foster and encourage diversity, offering a network for members in all career categories, all lines of insurance, and all cultural and diverse backgrounds.

We promote mentoring, acceptance of change, personal growth and flexibility of participation.

What HAIP offers:

Education – We are the premier insurance and leadership educational provider in Hawaii.

Leadership – We offer a certified leadership program leading to the designation of CLP. We also provide leadership opportunities for our members on the local, state, regional and international levels of IAIP.

Mentorship—We offer opportunities for mentors and mentees to foster personal career development.

Networking - We offer our members the opportunities to network with other HAIP members and IAIP members on the regional and international levels.

Partnering – We develop business relationships with other organizations and associations that are mutually beneficial.

Technology – We optimize the use of technology to improve quality of service, increase productivity, maximize membership benefits, and increase visibility in the industry.

Vision - Insurance Professionals is best known for providing insurance education, skills enhancement, and leadership development to its members.

Value Proposition - Insurance Professionals is developing leaders, influencing careers, and connecting members through providing enhanced education. We are building strong, dynamic communities, and delivering exceptional resources for our members.

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