HAIP members have the opportunity to apply and win individual awards at the local, regional and international levels of IAIP.  Winning awards allows members to be recognized for their skills and contributions to their employer, community and association.  HAIP, as an association, has consistently won awards for education and public relations as well as other local association awards at the regional level.  

HAIP Local Awards 2020-2021

HAIP is proud and honored to annouce their Member of the Year, Ellen Mimori, and Rookie of the year, Jodi Keliinoi, for the term 2020-2021.  Their dedication and committment to the association during the COVID-19 pandemic exceeded everyone's expectations.  We are grateful for all their hard work during this difficult year, as HAIP was able to continue to thrive through virtual networking. 


Region VII Conference 2021

HAIP was recognized and honored at the Region VII Conference with receiving the Roy Pasini Memorial Award for outstanding Public Relations Activities.  It is always an unexpected honor to be recognized at the regional level and this year was no exception.  Congratulations to the amazing Public Relations Committee Champions for a job well done and to our members who participated in the activities offered this term.


HAIP Local Awards 2019-2020

The HAIP term 2019-2020 started off great and then turned into an unprecedented term with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.  And as the world, the country, and the state of Hawaii all shutdown and we all went into lockdown, HAIP continued with meetings and activities, albeit mostly done virtually.  With that said, there were two members of HAIP who stood out and went above and beyond the call of duty during the most challenging of circumstances.  

A huge congratulations to:

     Leslie Door the recipient of the Rookie of the Year Award


Region VII Conference 2020

Hawaii has always been well represented at Regional conference and 2020 was no exception as HAIP had 6 members who had committed to attending the conference.  Unfortunately, HAIP was unable to attend the conference due to travel restrictions resulting from COVID-19.  Nonetheless, HAIP was awarded the following awards:

Roy Pasini Memorial Award for Public Relations


HAIP Local Awards 2018-2019

A huge congratulations to the recipients of the local HAIP awards to two very hard working women:

     ~ Tawana Scott, Rookie of the Year


     ~ Evelyn Hara, Member of the Year

HAIP is so fortunate to have members like Tawana and Evelyn who are dedicated and committed to growing and supporting HAIP/IAIP.  Congratulations Ladies, well deserved!


HAIP Local Awards 2017-2018

HAIP was proud to present this year's awards to:

     ~ Evelyn Hara, Rookie of the Year

     ~ Mark Coberly, Member of the Year

Both Evelyn and Mark proved to be "All In" this year as demonstrated through their service and committment to our association.  Congratulations and thank you for your hard work and dedication to HAIP! 



Region VII Conference 2018

HAIP's 2017-2018 Vice President, Mark Coberly was the recipient of the Claims Professional of the Year Award at the Region VII Conference held in Phoenix, AZ.  Congratulations to Mark for this great achievement and recognition.  A well deserved award after 30-plus years as a Claims Professional!


HAIP Local Awards 2016-2017

This year's recipients of the local HAIP awards for tremendous service throughout the year went to:

     ~ Mark Coberly, Rookie of the Year

     ~ Gayle Nakasone, Member of the Year

Congratulations and thank you for your commitment and service to HAIP! 


Region VII Conference 2017

HAIP is honored and proud to have been the recipients of the following awards at the Region VII Conference held on March 11, 2017 in Costa Mesa, California:

~ Public Relations

~ Community Service

~ Confidence While Communicating (CWC) Winner - Mark Coberly


HAIP Local Awards 2015-2016

HAIP is so fortunate to have members who are committed and work so hard for the association.  This year's awards went to:

     ~ Chenise Blalock, Rookie of the Year

     ~ Maria Carvalho, Member of the Year

Congratulations ladies, and thank you for all your hard work!

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