Joint Community Service Project - He'eia Fishpond

Event date: 07/27/2019

HAIP members Chenise Blalock, Janine Carvalho and Mark Coberly joined the Hawaii CPCU Society Chapter in a community service project at the He'eia Fishpond assisting Paepae o He'eia, a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for and restoring the He'eia Fishpond. The task of the day included moving rocks and coral by filling buckets and caring across the water. Cutting and pulling out invasive mangrove and limu removal.

The work was physically rigorous but very rewarding and provided an opportunity to work side by side with other insurance professionals. Lunch of kalua pork and cabbage was served by the staff at Paepae o He'eia.

Hawaiian fishponds are unique and advanced forms of aquaculture found nowhere else in the world.   The techniques of herding or trapping adult fish with rocks in shallow tidal areas is found elsewhere in the world but the loko iʻa kuapā or walled coastal ponds are unique to Hawaiʻi. Their creation was a result of the Hawaiians deep understanding of the environmental processes specific to our islands as well as their connection and observation of the food resources on the ʻāina and in the kai.  Fishponds provided Hawaiians with a regular supply of fish when ocean fishing was not possible or did not yield sufficient supply.  Go to the following link to learn more:

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