Safety Essay Writing Competition 2019

The 2019 year of the annual HAIP Safety Essay Writing Competition proved to be a great success!

This year's participating schools were James Campbell High School and Pearl City High School

HAIP received a number of essays on the topic of "Distraction" – walking, driving, or whatever type of distraction the students decided.  Each essay was between 450-500 words.  The judges scored each essay based on originality, storytelling, and relevance to the topic. 

The 2019 winners of the Safety Essay Writing Competition were:

  • First Place:         Nicholas Kanno of Pearl City High School                 (Pictured center)
  • Second Place:    Jonathan Mateo of James Campbell High School     (Pictured right)
  • Third Place:        Grayson Wu of Pearl City High School                      (Pictured left)

 Congratulations to the winners for a job well done!        

As usual, this event would never happen without the hard work and dedication of our Safety Champion, Julie K. Kirk, who does an amazing job every year!

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