Public Relations

Our public relations committee offers fun events, such as our industry fashion show.  However, the hallmark of this committee is our Confidence While Communicating (CWC) program designed to teach the skills necessary to prepare and deliver oral presentations. Candidates first compete at the local level, with the winners progressing to the Regional levels, culminating at the International Convention. This is a competition to recognize the best speaker completing the CWC educational program.  HAIP offers the CWC course in the fall of each year in preparation of the local Speak-Off Contest in November.

Confidence While Communicating 2022-2023

A call went out to all HAIP members who had previously completed the CWC course asking one to represent Hawaii at the Region VII Conference CWC Speak-Off competition held in April 2022 in Honolulu, HI.  Maria Carvalho stepped up to the plate and eagerly agreed to represent Hawaii.  In a few short months she wrote an amazing 3-minute speech that she practiced with the assistance of prior speak-off competitors and winners, Chenise Blalock and Mark Coberly, up until the week of the competition.


Confidence While Communicating 2021-2022

For a second time in HAIP history, the CWC course was held virtually, as well as our local HAIP Speak-Off Competition that was held during the November 18, 2021 membership meeting.  HAIP had two amazing students and new HAIP members Janine Togikawa and Saskia Nienhuis take the course and particpate in the 2021-2022 Speak-Off Competition.


Confidence While Communicating 2020-2021

This was a first for HAIP as well as IAIP . . . a virtual CWC Speak-Off competition.  HAIP / IAIP would not let a world pandemic stop one of the most important classes and events to occur this term.  Both the CWC class and the Speak-Off competition were held virtually.  HAIP members Rachel Dowell, Jodi Keliinoi, and Martha Norbriga accepted the challenge of taking the virtual CWC course taught by Chenise Blalock with assistance from Mark Coberly.


Confidence While Communicating 2019-2020

Congratulations to Maria Carvalho our CWC Champion for the 2019-2020 term.  Maria competed in the local HAIP Speak-Off against fellow HAIP members, Derrick Miyasato and Katharine Nohr.  The competition was stiff, as all participants exuded such confidence and poise while delivering their wonderfully prepared 3-minutes speeches and fantastic 1-minute impromptus.  

Maria will go on to represent Hawaii at the IAIP Region VII Conference in Vancouver, WA in March 2020.


Confidence While Communicating (CWC) 2018-2019

HAIP is so very proud of our CWC representative, Ron Mui for the exceptional performance at the Region VII Speak-Off competition in Sacramento, CA. Ron came in Second Place as runner up to Sandy Malone of the Greater Seattle Insurance Professionals. Should Sandy not be able to compete at the National Convention in Reno, NV, Ron will step in and represent Region VII.

We’re so proud of you Ron!


Confidence While Communicating (CWC) 2018

HAIP was proud to have Preston Jones represent them at the 2018 IAIP Region VII Conference CWC Speak-Off in Phoenix, AZ.  Preston went up against 4 other CWC contestants from the region and exuded poise and confidence when delivering his 3-minute prepared speech and 1-minute impromptu speech.  Well done Preston! 


Confidence While Communicating (CWC) 2017

HAIP was represented by Mark Coberly at the 2017 IAIP Region VII CWC Speak-Off in Costa Mesa, CA.  Mark won the region competition and went on to represent Region VII at the CWC Speak-Off at the International Convention in Albuquerque, NM.


Confidence While Communicating (CWC) 2016

HAIP was well represented by Gayle Nakasone at the 2016 IAIP Region VIII CWC Speak-Off in Burbank, CA.  After months of preparation, Gayle did an amazing job deliving her 3-minute speech and 1-minute impromptu.

Congratulations Gayle for a job well done!


Confidence While Communicating (CWC) 2015

Our CWC champion, Chenise Blalock truly demonstrated Confidence While Communicating, as she won the local HAIP CWC Speak-Off competition.  Chenise moved on to represent HAIP at the 2015 IAIP Region VIII Conference and won again.  HAIP and Region VIII were so proud to have Chenise represent them at the International Conventon in Minneapolis, MN where she won and took home the honors as the CWC Speak-Off winner of 2015.  Chenise is the first HAIP member to win the CWC competition at the International Convention.

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