As insurance professionals, HAIP is concerned about safety, because we understand that by making driving, work, public and home environments safe, lives are saved and injuries prevented.  This drives down insurance claims and lowers premiums.  Each December, HAIP sponsors a public high school essay writing contest on safety topics, such as distracted driving.  Three students are honored at our membership meeting luncheon, at which we present a special guest speaker.  In 2017, Honolulu Chief of Police Susan Ballard attended and congratulated our student winners.  

Safety Original and Creative Artwork Competition 2021

Under the direction of our amazing Safety Champion, Roel Espiritu, this year Safety competition had a bit of a twist in light of the continued difficulties that our high school students and their teachers had with dealing with face to face and distance learning.  It was decided to expand our reach and open the Safety contest to our HAIP Members’ and Corporate Sponsors’ families younger generation.  e.g.: children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. for grades 6-12. 

With that said, we are very proud to announce winners of the HAIP Safety Creative Artwork:


Safety Photography Competition 2020

This year HAIP did things a little different, primarily because of COVID.  Rather than a safety essay contest we did a safety photography contest under the inspiration and direction of the Safety Committee Champion, Roel Espiritu.  The contest rules contained the following guidelines:


Safety Essay Writing Competition 2019

The 2019 year of the annual HAIP Safety Essay Writing Competition proved to be a great success!

This year's participating schools were James Campbell High School and Pearl City High School

HAIP received a number of essays on the topic of "Distraction" – walking, driving, or whatever type of distraction the students decided.  Each essay was between 450-500 words.  The judges scored each essay based on originality, storytelling, and relevance to the topic. 

The 2019 winners of the Safety Essay Writing Competition were:


Safety Essay Writing Competition 2018

What an exciting year 2018 proved to be for the annual HAIP Safety Essay Writing Competition!

This year's participating schools were:

  • McKinley High School
  • Moanalua High School
  • Pearl City High School
  • Radford High School

We had a significant number of essays submitted on the topic of "Distracted Driving" and the job of judging the essays was not an easy task, as so many were well written with extraordinary stories.  However, the winners of the Safety Essay Writing Competition were:


Safety Essay Writing Competition 2017

This year's participating schools included:

  • James Campbell High School
  • Mililani High School
  • Moanalua High School
  • Pearl City High School

The Winning Students (pictured):

First Place:        Kayla Shiroma, Pearl City High School

Second Place:   Ashley Takenami, Moanalua High School

Third Place:       Kaila Oshiro, Pearl City High School

A very special thank you to all of the participating public high school teachers.  HAIP appreciates your dedication and hard work.

Thank you so much!


Safety Essay Writing Competition 2016

This year Moanalua High School swept the competition and Safety Essay Winners were:

     First Place:

     Katie Kim, 11th grade, Moanalua High School

     Second Place:

     Jordyn Sanico, 11th grade, Moanalu High School

     Third Place:

     Maleah Eusebio, 9th grade, Moanalu High School

Congratulations to the winning students and their teachers; Kristie Morikawa and Candace Chavez!

Special thank you to our Safety Committee Chair, Julie Kirk for job well done!


Safety Essay Writing Competition Winners 2008

The students who won the Safety Essay Writing Competition and their amazing teachers (from left to right):

Raynice Messier (Moanalua High School Teacher); Travis Lefrandt (1st Place) of Moanalua High School; Charlene Mizumoto; Tim Dayton; Julia Sungsakris (2nd Place) of Pearl City High School; Melissa Padilla (Pearl City High School Teacher); Xenia Ewing (4th Place) of Leilehua High School; Sharla Rivera (3rd Place ) of Campbell High School and Lorna Baniaga-Lee (Campbell High School Teacher).


Safety Essay Writing Competition Winners 2005

In photo are from left to right:

Cynthia Emoto - Editor of Transition Magazine; Connie Abrams, Executive Director of MADD; Gerald Rojo, Grade 12 of Moanalua High School; Max Navas, Honolulu Police Department; Charlene Mizumoto; Jackie Ameson, Honolulu Police Department; Laurie Sasaki, Grade 9 of Moanalua High School; Jan Reischel; Kayla Schwing, Grade 12 of Radford High School; and Kimberly Rivera, Grade 11 of Pearl City High School.

Note: Transition Magazine published our 1st Place winner, Laurie Sasaki’s essay, "Where Is the Love?"

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